We have a lot of different needs here- below are a running list of some of the things we currently need.  If you have something you think may be useful but don’t see it on the list, let us know!


  • Board members- we will have an election this upcoming October.   More info can be found here.
  • Committee members- we have a number of subcommittees, that meet with varying frequency.  Our current committees include:
    • Finance committee- works on the finance side of things
    • Marketing committee- helps with getting our message out, event planning
    • Operations committee- works on the nuts and bolts of our operations
    • Engineering committee- oversees the design of development
    • Backcountry committee- gives input from backcountry community
    • Trail committee- coordinates volunteers/work parties
    • Grant writing committee- writes grants for the organization
  • Volunteers- we have lots of trail clearing and building projects that we need volunteers for.  We try to advertise upcoming volunteer events on facebook and the website, but the best method is to join the email list and you will be emailed with upcoming events and opportunities.
  • Ski Patrollers- we will be working with the Pioneer Ski Patrol, a part of the National Ski Patrol association, you can find out more information here.
  • Consultants-  if you have a particular life skill and would like to lend a hand (or ear) once in a while, let us know!  Right now we could use:
    • Legal consultant

Monetary Donations

  • Membership- Please consider becoming a member.  The membership funds go to help our organization with basic overhead expenses.
  • Donation- We are always accepting financial donations.  Unrestricted funds are the best, as they allow us to be flexible with the funding and that will help us to maximize our impact on spending.  You can donate online, but sending a check is the most effective method (and we don’t get charged the small fee that is charged for online donations).
  • Chairlift purchase-  We are going to try to fund the first chairlift through offering naming rights and advertisement space on the chair.  Right now we are taking pledges and will not ask for the funds until we secure all of the needed pledges.
    • The name of the lift can be purchased for $600k.  The life of the chair is expected to be 30 years, so this is a great opportunity to advertise for decades while contributing to the good of the community.
    • Each chair will be “sold” with the opportunity to have their name/family name/business name on a plaque that will be put on the back of the chair.  We will have 30 available at $7k each.

Equipment and Supplies

There are some items that we plan to purchase with funds raised, but perhaps you or your business has some of these things you’d be willing to donate?

  • Snowmachine
  • Medical Supplies (O2 tank, Backboard & Straps, AED, Bandages, etc.)
  • Radios
  • Telephone system (for mountain and office use)
  • Computer (for ticketing and for office use)
  • Small buildings (for lift operator huts, ticket sales, warming hut, etc.)
  • Tools (for lift maintenance/operation)
  • Building materials- insulation, paint, boards, windows, siding, etc.
  • Signage
  • Heavy equipment use

Fundraising tools

  • We regularly have events to try to raise money and are always looking for items that can be auctioned off during a silent auction or raffle.  Things that would be appropriate for this include (but are not limited to!):
    • Vacation/cabin/experience vouchers
    • Art (particularly skiing or mountain related!)
    • Alpine adventure equipment (snowmachine, skis, boards, poles, beacons, etc.)
    • Outdoor gear (goggles, jackets, helmets, etc.)
  • Food and Beer donations for events
  • Games, classes or other activities that would be fun to do/have during many of our family friendly events