Phase 1a– is our first lift and all of the infrastructure needed to get it operational.  This phase includes a refurbished triple chair lift from New Hampshire.  It will be a 1,250′ long chair, with about 300′ of elevation gain.  It is expected to give us about 30 acres of skiable terrain.  It also includes the maintenance building that will house our groomer and equipment, many ski trails and a small ticket booth, restrooms and modest warming hut for ski patrol.

We have our sights set on this phase to start with- to begin operations and get people skiing!

We are optimistic that we can raise enough funds by the spring of 2018, to build the chair during the spring of 2018 and be skiing by the winter of 2018-19!

How are we going to raise the money?

-Sell the naming rights to the chairlift itself for $600k- this is a great opportunity and long term advertising investment for a business to market themselves while contributing to a great community project

-Sell each chair for $7k (there are 30 available) which gives families and businesses a place to memorialize their name on the back of the chair!

-Raise money from grants- we plan on writing grants to local foundations, businesses and government that support capital projects such as this

If you would like to contribute or find out more about how to help us reach our goals, please email us at!

Snocat/ Maintenance Building
Triple Chair Lift
Other infrastructure