We are always looking for volunteers!


There are many ways to get involved!  Join our email list or our facebook page and keep up to date with volunteer opportunities.

There are many ways to get involved!

Right now one of the most critical things we need at this stage is funding!  Please consider donating either to our trail building project or to our general fund.  And tell your friends, neighbors, parents, children- tell everyone to come check us out and give us a little boost to get started.

Spread the word!  Share our facebook page, tell people about the website, talk to your friends.  Talk to your employer- maybe they would be interested in sponsoring us or advocating for sponsorship on our behalf?  We also have some cool stickers available- let us know if you would like some and we can either tell you where you can pick one up or send some to you!

Volunteer!  We will be sending out emails, updating the facebook page and website when we need volunteers.  If you have a specific skill set that may be of use, please let us know!

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