Q: What is HAX or Hatcher Alpine Xperience?
A: HAX is the name of the non-profit organization formed in November of 2015 to help create a community alpine ski area at Hatcher Pass. HAX board members are all volunteers and are not compensated.

Q: What is planned to be built?
A: Designated for Phase 1 is a surface lift (T-bar), high speed quad, lodge, snowcat building, and expanded parking and access facilities at the existing parking lot. Phase 1 may be broken into sub-phases based on fundraising and permitting progress.

Q: Where is the area to be built?
A: The area is located at mile 10.6 of the Hatcher Pass Road, on the west side of the road. This area is within the northern sub-unit of the Matanuska-Susitna Borough’s Government Peak Recreation Area.  It is the lower eastern aspects of government peak.

Q: What’s different than past designs of Hatcher Pass ski areas?
A: HAX proposes a community ski area, not for profit, with no onsite private condos nor commercial developments. Focus is to provide the Mat-Su residents a place to downhill ski locally.

Q. What has been accomplished over the years to assist the project?
A. Over the past 30-40 years, local, state and the federal government have invested in road improvements (two lane bridge, paving, parking lot), electricity to ski area base, numerous studies including financial analysis with favorable conclusions, and a signed Federal EIS that allows development. The table has been set for an organization like HAX to actually accomplish Phase 1 of this long awaited winter recreation project.

Q: When will the area be built?
A: This is dependent on fundraising from private donations and through grants. Trail clearing is scheduled for September 2016. The current goal is summer 2017 to begin construction, winter 2017- 2018 to be making turns. A lot of work and volunteer time is needed. Please consider helping.

Q: How can I help, donate, or give feedback?
A: Glad you asked. Please visit our “get involved” page or email skihatcherpass@gmail.com

Have more questions?  Please email us at skihatcherpass@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.